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Read your lottery horoscope on Lottery UK. Use these free astrological predictions to find out the lucky numbers that the stars have in store for your zodiac sign this week.


Put in work

At the end of the month, you may find yourself working in overtime or even burning the midnight oil. The number 54 is in your chart this week to help fuel you through these exhausting days and nights of extra-hard work. Keep putting in the time and it will certainly pay off. The number 40 is also in your chart as a testament to your individuality and the commitment that you’re showing. Don’t stop now, as the end goal is closer than you may think.

  • 54
  • 40
Aries Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Seek advisement

When it comes to fields with which you’re unfamiliar, it is often wise to seek external advice. This is going to be the case for you almost undoubtedly near the end of the month. The number 43 can be recognized as a complicated financial manner that may arise late in the month. Take a cautious approach to handling this situation and seek advice from an expert in the field. You’ll thank yourself later. The number 52 can also symbolize a complicated web of systems and processes, so it really will serve you best to seek advice if something like this should arise this month.

  • 43
  • 52
Taurus Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Kindness returned

You’re known for doing good deeds when the opportunity presents itself. While it sometimes seems they go unnoticed, the number 85 reassures you that these good deeds will come back to you. In fact, that could very well happen this week. As some old kindness, you may not even remember sharing with someone could easily reappear as a gift of kindness toward you. The number 26, the direct double of 85, bodes incredible good fortune coming your way. If you’re feeling down, there’s a good chance that your mood will flip around in no time.

  • 85
  • 26
Gemini Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024



The numbers 43 and 59 are in your chart this week and are highly indicative of coming travel. Going from destination A to destination B, if you will. This travel experience will be unique on a variety of levels and you should absolutely take this opportunity. Not only will you have the chance to meet people who you connect with on a professional level, but you’ll likely create lasting friendships with unexpected strangers. The end of June is going to be an excellent time to make, set, or execute travel plans, so get your calendar out and start blocking off some weekends.

  • 43
  • 59
Cancer Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Another gathering

The end of the month is capped off with yet another family fling. This one is most certainly going to be full of celebration, as indicated by the number 21. That being said, you should truly jump into this experience with both feet. That’s the only way that you’ll make the most out of this experience and come away with a library book full of memories. The number 97 is in your pocket this week and might show up as an unexpected windfall. If this is the case, you should be careful not to spend this frivolously.

  • 21
  • 97
Leo Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Share your knowledge

You may be approached for your knowledge this week. The number 57 could very well represent an information-starved pupil, of sorts, seeking your wisdom. As such, you’re going to have the chance to jump into their life in the role of a mentor. You’ll find that you actually quite enjoy molding a young mind and sharing your wisdom. The number 12 could lead you further down this path and help you turn it into something of a more permanent relationship.

  • 57
  • 12
Virgo Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


A rekindled passion project

The end of the month is a great time for you to pick back up where you left off. The number 42 is in your chart this week as a reminder of something that you once abandoned. This could be a project of any sort that just fell to the back-burner where it’s been all this time. If you put your energy into rekindling this, you’ll find yourself reinvigorated. The number 42 represents a possible partner who could add to the value of this project and give it even more validity in the community. Take the time to vet this person, but they could truly change the course of this project for you.

  • 42
  • 42
Libra Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Solo ventures

At times it can be tempting to jump into a partnership, especially if the other party is showing a significantly elevated interest level. However, sometimes the best course of action is to trust yourself. The number 55 is giving you that exact sign this week. As a very individual number, you should consider venturing out on your own time and for your own right. This can be a little scary at times but should also lead you down a path of fulfillment. Take the chance and bet on yourself! The number 82 also surfaces in your chart this week as a reminder to be kind and gentle with yourself. Not everything is a race. Take your time, make a plan and follow through.

  • 55
  • 82
Scorpio Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Patience pays off

Patience is a virtue. It always will be. You’ve been patiently waiting for your opportunity, Sagittarius, and it’s almost here. The number 95 is going to come into your life with a proposal for you to consider. While this may seem enticing on the surface level, make sure to scrutinize the level of detail available. If the details aren’t flushed out yet, you should have no qualms saying no for now. The number 86 indicates that this will benefit both you and this person by waiting to pull the trigger until the entire plan is more well thought out.

  • 95
  • 86
Sagittarius Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Choosing your tribe

One of the nice things about coming into adulthood is that we can choose our own tribe. This means collecting the people that you vibe with and keeping them close. This week, the number 88 is in your chart as a pillar of the community. You should find comfort and joy leaning into your community this week and are encouraged to seek out social events when and where you can. The number 41 also pops up for you this week as a reminder that everyone needs to find a work-life balance. This is integral to maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.

  • 88
  • 41
Capricorn Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Don’t dance with the devil

We’re all familiar with the “devil” and “angel” that live on our shoulders. At times, it can be fun, risky, and enlightening to take a risk and let go of your inhibitions. However, the number 13 is in your ear this week and is giving you a weird set of feelings. If you start feeling the urge to act out in little ways, pull back and ask yourself why. The number 39 warns you against taking unnecessary risks this week or dancing with the devil when you don’t have to. Rather, you’ll come to a hefty reward by choosing to take the right action when it presents itself.

  • 13
  • 39
Aquarius Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024


Owning mistakes with grace

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It’s how we react and respond to those mistakes that create a character. Even the worst mistakes can be overcome through admittance, acceptance, and learning. The number 54 is a number of trial and error, and learning from your past. Look to this number this week if you’re feeling down on yourself or like you’ve been making more mistakes than usual lately. Calm down and take a deep breath. If you steady yourself and analyze where you’re going wrong, you can take corrective action moving forward. The number 24 mirrors the number 54 in your chart this week as its direct duplicate, indicating that you’re closer to your end goals than you may realize. Keep following your path, learn from your mistakes, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  • 54
  • 24
Pisces Lucky Number Predictions

Apr 15 to Apr 21 2024

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