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Lottery scams come in many different forms. Here are some of the most well known lottery scams.

You’ve Won a Prize!
If you receive an unexpected email or phone call from somebody who claims that you have won a prize or large sum of money then you should be very suspicious. Remember that legitimate lotteries require you to purchase a ticket in order to stand a chance of winning a prize. Lotteries will never contact you by email, phone or social media to to tell you that you have won a prize. If you have not purchased a ticket then it is very likely that you are being targeted by a lottery scam. Scammers will use well known lottery names and logo to try and appear as credible as possible, before they try and steal money or personal information from you.

The Winning Ticket!
Be extremely wary if you get approached directly by somebody who claims they have a winning ticket, but can’t collect the prize themselves. These scammers will ask you to buy their ticket from them or provide a deposit until you claim the prize.

3 Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed

1. Never send any money to anybody who tells you that you have won a lottery prize.
2. Never share your personal / financial / banking details by email or over the phone.
3. Never agree to cash a lottery ticket for a complete stranger.

You can win lottery!

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